The Opposites Attract

Art Direction / Styling

The fashion shoot concept is about intimate relationships of two couples whose characters represent the four elements with the love story of opposites attract. We are naturally attracted to people who are different from ourselves and therefore, somewhat exciting.  




Fire is energetic, passionate, dramatic, and have a bit of bad temper. She is great leader because of her ability to “fire up” other people.

Water is easy to go with the flow and more adaptable.

She has great emotional depth and compassion. 


Earth + Air


Earth is nurturing, grounded, and practical who enjoy nourishing others and are known for his reliability.

Air is a dreamer who enjoys travel, adventure, freedom. She is flexible, care-free and sociable. 


This is a creative photoshoot that me and my partner have produced in October, 2020. We got to plan from the beginning from sourcing photographer, hair & makeup artist, models to styling and art directing, with practicing COVID precautions during the photoshoot. 

Opposite_20200960 1.jpg

Stylist & Art Director : Ngoc Huynh & Rosa Huang

Photographer : Mary Chen

HMUA : Myla Martin

Models : Rue Yi & Tiffany Wan

  Samatha Grant & Justin Ferrari
  (Elmer Olsen Model Agency)

Assistant : Anastasiia Kravchuk